Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some Good Stuff

A couple of good articles I've come across lately.....

Five "Bad" Foods That Are Actually Good For You

A couple of good recipes to share....

Ropa Viejo is a Cuban beef stew with red peppers, onions, and green olives. This version literally takes 10 minutes to put together, and a you just let it go on the stove for a couple of hours. I eat this over mashed rutabagas while my housemates enjoy it over rice.

Taco Chicken Wings The genius of this recipe is the idea of dipping these oven broiled hot wings in guacamole. I'm all for any excuse to eat guacamole, and this is one of the more delicious vehicles I've come across. I've also used the spice mix as a rub for ribs!

Crab Stuffed Salmon We made this a couple weeks ago as a birthday dinner for Dato's mom. I was expecting it to be delicious... but it was even better. This was not a cheap meal, but cheaper than going out to dinner. I think it was about $90 total to feed 6 people.

If anyone has any links to articles, website recommendations, or recipes they would like to share.... please post to comments!


  1. yum! how do you do the mashed rutabagas?

  2. thamar-
    peel, cut into similar sized pieces, put in a pot and cover with salted water. bring to a boil and cook until tender. and they have to be reallly tender. i usually take one out and make sure i can easily smash it with a fork. then mash with your device of choice with some kind of fat (olive oil, ghee) and i add a little chicken broth. my favorite thing to do after that is throw them in a blender to make a puree, but you can keep it as chunky or as smooth as you like. they are delicious with just about any herb added as well...chives would be delicious.

  3. Thanks Giselle! I'm going to try it. Iv'e used Parsnips and Cauliflower but never Rutabagas! yay!